UK: Johnson survives no-confidence vote

Source: NBC News

“Boris Johnson survives — for now. The British prime minister narrowly won a confidence vote among his own lawmakers Monday, leaving him damaged but still in power and his ruling Conservative Party bitterly divided over its once-talismanic leader who has become beset by scandal. Johnson won by 211 votes to 148 in a high-drama secret ballot in Parliament that threatened to oust him from power. That’s a majority of just 63, splitting his party 59 percent to 41 — a far bigger mutiny than many pundits expected. Crucially for some, it’s also a bigger revolt than the one suffered by Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May, during her own confidence vote in 2019. Although she limped on wounded, she was gone within six months. The question that will dominate the halls of Westminster is how long Johnson, 57, can last now that almost half of his own parliamentary party have voted to kick him out.” (06/06/22)