AK: House primary draws Palin, Santa, 46 others

Source: SFGate

“Alaska voters are facing an election unlike any they’ve seen, with 48 candidates running to succeed the man who had held the state’s only U.S. House seat for 49 years. While some of the candidates in this week’s special primary have name recognition, including Sarah Palin and Santa Claus (yes, Santa Claus!), many are relative unknowns or political novices: a fishing guide, a contractor, a gold miner who went to prison for allegedly threatening federal land managers. The huge number of candidates and the short timeline for holding the election after Republican U.S. Rep. Don Young’s death on March 18 has some voters overwhelmed and scrambling to learn more about their options. This will be the first election under a system approved by voters in 2020 that ends party primaries, meaning all candidates are on the same one-page ballot.” (06/06/22)