FIRE to expand portfolio, pick up free speech ball dropped by ACLU

Source: Politico

“An advocacy group that has spent more than two decades fighting for free expression on college campuses is broadening its efforts to fight so-called cancel culture and other perceived threats to free speech across American society. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is renaming itself the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression and keeping the ‘FIRE’ acronym as it launches a drive to promote greater acceptance of a diversity of views in the workplace, pop culture and elsewhere. Part of the push may challenge the American Civil Liberties Union’s primacy as a defender of free speech. … [FIRE president Greg] Lukianoff said FIRE has raised $28.5 million for a planned three-year, $75 million litigation, opinion research and public education campaign aimed at boosting and solidifying support for free-speech values.” [editor’s note: ACLU gave up its claim to be “a defender of free speech” years ago – TLK] (06/06/22)