Airing the dirty laundry of the libertarian movement, part 3: The aftermath of the LP

Source: Flawed Jewel
by Scott Halleck

“I’ve already renounced my support for the Libertarian Party until things change, and announced myself as politically homeless for the first time in my adult life. Was it worth it over three bad proposals and some terrible people? Absolutely. The three bad proposals are very bad, and represent rejection of core libertarian values and core support for individuality. And the terrible people? Wouldn’t we – haven’t we — jumped down the throats of major party politicians for the exact same things Borysenko and Woods have done? Wouldn’t we be furious if a Kennedy had said it was ok to get a woman drunk to sleep with her? And wouldn’t we — haven’t we — brought up that thing at every opportunity to our major party supporting friends, acquaintances, and audiences? How dare we not hold ourselves to the same standards?” (06/05/22)