If Corinthian Student Debt Can Be Wiped Out, All of It Can

Source: Common Dreams
by Ashley Pizzuti

“I’m incredibly happy to hear the announcement that debt is being wiped out for defrauded Corinthian students. This should have happened in 2015 when this predatory school folded. Instead, it took almost a decade of vigorous grassroots organizing and legal maneuvering for borrowers to be relieved of crushing debt for worthless degrees. This news is bittersweet. Those of us who attended other ‘bad actor’ schools are struggling, still waiting for relief. Even those with good paying jobs are often ten of thousands — or even hundreds of thousands of dollars — in debt, leaving them unable to purchase homes or revisit legitimate educational opportunities. It only gets worse from there. If the debt for Corinthian students can be wiped out, all debt for Brooks students and other for-profit schools should and must be automatically and immediately eliminated too.” (06/04/22)