Military threats to the Fifty States: A nuclear attack

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“Short of Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan deciding on Gotterdammerung, or a competent Islamic or other terrorist organization, the greatest threat of nuclear attack on the Fifty States continues to be a mistake or cabal in Russia, China, France, or the UK, or something truly nightmarish in India. But it is only the greatest threat: there are others. Logically, China would not be anxious to use a nuclear weapon against the United States, either the Fifty States themselves or American military forces or bases: the risk of massive retaliation is far too great. A fact the Soviets and now Russians have realized for decades. But in an empire that is teetering and showing more than a few signs of fracture, a decision need not be rational or logical.” (07/09/21)