Using Decentralized Digital IDs and Blockchain to Help Millions in Africa Get Identified

by Terence Zimwara

“With over 1.3 billion inhabitants, Africa accounts for over 16% of the world’s population. However, the continent still falls short when it comes to providing its residents with legitimate or government-issued identification documents. As some studies have revealed, as many as 400 million Africans do not have the appropriate identification documents. Unfortunately, the lack of a national identification document precludes many from accessing financial services, participating in national plebiscites, or even travelling across national borders. To help reduce the number of people that are in this situation, one African tech start-up, Flexfintx, has created a virtual solution to the challenge — digital IDs.” [editor’s note: Begs the question of whether being “identified” by the state and for its purposes constitutes “legitimacy,” or is even a good thing – TLK] (07/09/21)