Purdue Pharma agrees to extortion demands from 15 state regimes

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Fifteen US states have dropped their opposition to a bankruptcy plan for Purdue Pharma, clearing the way for a multi-billion dollar settlement. It marks the first step towards the OxyContin painkillers maker paying out $4.3bn (£3.1bn) to settle cases related to the opioid crisis. The New York attorney general said the funds would be used to ‘prevent any future devastation.’ A total of 10 states still oppose the proposals of pharmaceutical giant. A spokesperson for Purdue Pharma said it would work to ‘build a greater consensus’ for its bankruptcy plan. They added it would ‘transfer billions of dollars of value into trusts for the benefit of the American people … who have been affected by the opioid crisis.’ In 2020, Purdue entered a guilty plea on criminal charges relating to its promotion of Oxycontin, which it knew was addictive.” (07/08/21)