Dems’ electric car dreams running low on battery

Source: Fox News Forum
by Deroy Murdock

“‘We need plug-in hybrids!’ a young Leftie [sic] once chirped at me after I addressed students on his college campus. ‘OK,’ I asked. ‘When you go home and plug your car into the electric socket in the garage, where do you think that electricity comes from?’ He stood there in silence for a couple of seconds and then slowly dropped his head in grief. It was clear that this idealist never had asked himself how electricity gets into the wall socket. Until something huge changes, Teslas, Chevy Bolts, Nissan Leafs, and other sexy electric cars will be powered chiefly by natural gas, uranium, coal, or dams. Renewables generated just 13 percent of U.S. electricity in 2020, according to the latest Department of Energy data. Fuels the Democrat-Left hates …” (07/08/21)