The Real Threat of Sectarianism

Source: Center for a Stateless Society
by Spooky

“Praising someone like Bryan Caplan, a libertarian public intellectual with considerable recognition in the centrist mainstream, isn’t something you’ll catch many leftists doing. Honestly it would be rather strange if the broader anti-capitalist movement regularly promoted its ideological opponents, but our total avoidance of even the furthest tips of the Kochtopus’s tentacles puts us in a sticky situation: what happens when self-proclaimed ‘libertarian capitalists’ make good libertarian arguments against capitalism? Good faith suggests that we consider good ideas in isolation without extending it to praise of the person — an endorsement of Marx’s theory of exploitation, for example, doesn’t require apologia for his antisemitism, racism, anti-theism, etc. — and this, in my view at least, is the most constructive way to approach abolitionist discourse. As is often the case, however, most anarchists aren’t quite on the same page.” (07/08/21)