Belarus: Regime Blocks Website of Country’s Oldest News Outlet, Abducts Two Editors

Source: Newsweek

“Belarusian authorities blocked the website of the country’s oldest news outlet and detained two of its editors Thursday in a major crackdown on independent media. The Belarus Information Minister said it blocked Nasha Niva’s website after the Prosecutor General’s Office accused the outlet of posting unlawful information, according to the Associated Press. Authorities searched Nasha Niva’s office, arrested its chief editor, Yahor Martsinovich, and editor Andrey Skurko and searched their apartments, according to The Belarusian Association of Journalists. … Nasha Niva, which was founded in 1906, is the oldest and the most authoritative Belarusian media outlet. Its online audience exceeds 100,000.” (07/08/21)