Palestine: Israeli invaders destroy home over family member’s alleged involvement in resistance

Source: Reuters

“Israel drew U.S. criticism on Thursday when it destroyed the family home of a Palestinian-American accused of involvement in a shooting that killed an Israeli and wounded two others in the occupied West Bank. Muntasir Shalabi was indicted in an Israeli military court over the attack in May near the city of Nablus in which student Yehuda Guetta was shot dead. After an appeal in an Israeli court by Shalabi’s family against the demolition was unsuccessful, the military said, the villa in Turmus Ayya, a village in which many Palestinian-Americans live, was levelled in a controlled explosion. … Shalabi’s wife, Sanaa, who lived with three of their children in the home in Turmus Ayya, said she spoke with her husband by telephone on Thursday. She described him as a ‘resister’ and vowed to rebuild the house.” (07/08/21)