JUUL Agrees to Pay $40 Million Settlement, But Lobbying Disclosures Prove There’s More to the Story

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Hannah Cox

“The e-cigarette company JUUL recently agreed to pay the state of North Carolina $40 million in order to settle a lawsuit that claimed they marketed their products to teenagers. … As a condition of the settlement, JUUL agreed to abandon any marketing content that appeals to young people (which seems a bit ambiguous), and to only sell its products behind-the-counter in the state. … All of this attention on JUUL and other start-up vaping companies has attracted the ‘Bootleggers and the Baptists’ to the scene, both of which are eager to exercise control over the latest moral panic ‘threatening our youth.’ Their song and dance is an old one we’ve seen throughout our history. These two groups often team up to have various products they deem morally harmful banned or regulated.” (07/07/21)