TX: Goodwill worker finds rare, $10k video game in box of donations

Source: Fox News

“Treasure comes in all shapes and sizes. A Goodwill location in Texas recently discovered that a box of old video games it had received as a donation contained an incredibly rare, and valuable item. Fortunately, the worker handling this particular box recognized that he had found something special. Goodwill confirmed to Fox News that a rare copy of the Atari videogame ‘Air Raid’ had been donated to its North Central Texas location. The game cartridge is unusual looking due to its T-shaped handle, which is why it was easy for Alex Juarez to spot. There are reportedly only 13 known copies of the game. Juarez’s father, a video game aficionado, was able to help identify the game and confirm that it was worth more than the average Atari game. The game had been donated in a larger box of video games through the Goodwill’s e-commerce department.” (07/07/21)