Brazil: Calls for Bolsonaro Impeachment Grow Amid Embezzlement Allegations

Source: Common Dreams

“Following massive nationwide weekend protests against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his administration’s mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic, bombshell reporting this week personally implicating the right-wing leader in yet another alleged corruption scheme has heightened calls for his impeachment. In a series of articles for UOL, journalist Juliana Dal Piva details Bolsonaro’s alleged supervision of a kickback scheme — known locally as rachadinha (‘ghost employees’), who pay part of their salaries to their bosses — during his three decades as a member of the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the federal Legislature. In an audio recording obtained by Dal Piva, bodybuilder Andrea Siqueira Valle, the president’s ex-sister-in-law, says that Bolsonaro had her brother Andre Siqueira Valle fired because he never paid an agreed-upon kickback of R$6,000, or about $1,150 U.S., from each of his paychecks.” (07/06/21)