We use to fight Big Brother, now Big Brother wants you to be an informant

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“This weekend, idiots from Maxine Watters to Cori Bush slammed the Fourth of July as nothing more than a celebration of racism. I could read their tweets, but why. Here’s this gist from Bush: ‘The freedom they’re referring to is for [w]hite people.’ This raises a point. Perhaps our politicians do such an awful job because they hate America. Did you ever think about that? Their incompetence is their weapon. Think about how easy it is to subvert a Republic. Get elected, then rot it from within, and if anyone challenges you, well that’s racist. Meanwhile, National Geographic marked the Fourth by tweeting that smoke from fireworks causes disproportionate harm to communities of color. So I hope you enjoyed that Roman candle, you racist. But of course, National Geographic’s virtue signal comes after decades of exploiting communities of color all over the world.” (07/07/21)