No, the Air Force is Not “60% Responsible” for Devin Kelley’s Crimes

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“Devin Kelley, and no one else, was responsible for Devin Kelley’s actions. Period. The US Air Force didn’t beat Kelley’s wife or fracture Kelley’s stepson’s skull. Kelley did. The Air Force tried him for it, imprisoned and demoted him for it, and kicked him out for it. The US Air Force didn’t rape Kelley’s girlfriend in 2013. If that happened (no charges were brought), Kelley did that. The US Air Force didn’t beat Kelley’s malnourished husky in 2014. Kelley did (and was tried and received a deferred sentence of probation). The US Air Force didn’t develop a grudge against First Baptist Church and its congregants, which Kelley attended before apparently becoming a militant atheist. Kelley did. All the US Air Force did was mess up some administrative paperwork … which … might have conceivably made it slightly more difficult for Kelley to obtain a firearm.” (07/07/21)