Social media use can be like a bad smoking habit

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“So everyone talks about how bad social media is, and yet everyone uses it. It’s become the modern version of smoking. Yes, I got to quit, but right now I just can’t. That’s me. … And I rarely feel better after scrolling through online stuff. And I always tell people to spend less time doing it. Yet there I am late at night, sneaking a social media puff and like smoking, it usually makes my blood pressure go up. Now I tell myself that social media is a harmless drinking partner and that I have company, but I don’t have to put out cheese or crackers or, as MSNBC calls it, cheese and white people. However, how would I be as a person if I stopped even for a week? Well a new study revealed what could happen if you stop using social media? You die. I’m kidding. You don’t die. In fact, quite the opposite. You live.” (05/12/22)