GOP Attack on Women [sic] Funded by Corporate America

Source: Common Dreams
by Jim Hightower

“The most aggressive and virulent right-wing attacks on women today involve eliminating women’s reproductive rights [sic]. Again and again, we’re seeing small, pious, tightly organized, male-dominated groups in our society insisting that they are the chosen ones, the autocrats ordained to rule over all women on the deeply personal, intrinsically private matter of choosing (for many different and difficult reasons) whether or not to seek an abortion. Ironically, these authoritarians are mostly self-proclaimed small-government conservatives, yet they demand that the government be given practically unlimited power to control the minds and intrude most intimately into the bodies of women. American culture has progressed from ‘Father Knows Best’ to the birth control pill, then to Roe v. Wade, on to the emergence of women as bosses and powerful congressional leaders and to the likelihood that females will soon rise all the way to the American presidency.” (05/12/22)