The Political Hierarchy of Infection

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Jeffrey A Tucker

“I’m writing this mostly for future historians for whom this whole period of our lives could likely appear to be one big blur. In fact, for those who lived it, it unfolded in stages with an obvious theme. And that theme, tragically, is rooted in class demarcations. The elites wanted to avoid the virus for as long as possible. That was the point of ‘Stay home, stay safe.’ It should be very obvious that not everyone can do that. We still need food, energy, medical services, sanitation, road repair, and so on. … It’s a trope from all of human history that the clean people need to stay away from the dirty people, and that some people are more entitled than others to remain pathogenetically unexposed. Lower classes and politically marginalized people have been variously used throughout history as sandbags to absorb disease.” (05/12/22)