Academentia and Managerialism

Source: CounterPunch
by Thomas Klikauer & Meg Young

“Recently, the idea of Academentia has entered the public domain. Academentia combines academia — those working in post-secondary education — with dementia, i.e. the progressive impairments to memory, thinking, and behaviour which negatively impacts a person’s ability to function. In short, Academentia describes a state of organisational insanity in which university academics can no longer function as academics and scholars. Academentia occurs in neoliberal universities run by faceless crypto-corporate apparatchiks of Managerialism. These crypto-corporate apparatchiks are managers who have taken on the ideology of Managerialism. Their entire existence depends on the managerial apparatus, e.g. the marketing of the PR-University — not on supporting research, teaching, and academics.” (05/12/22)