Free speech and the arrogance of the “elite”

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“It has finally sunk through. The Price of Liberty, like many other organizations, is nothing more than a putrid extrusion of racism, white supremacy, chauvinism, and hatred of virtually everything. At least to the social justice warriors, the Woke, the so-called ‘progressives’ who are really just regressivists. Not that we’ve ever figured differently, of course. But now we know why! Because we are not trained writers or readers. Because we lack a ‘humanities education.’ Because we are less attuned to the ‘nuances’ of speech. (Hmmm, does that include ‘writing?’) This condemnation of TPOL seems to be the conclusion of more and more media, celebrities, politicians, political appointees, bureaucrats and their increasingly-slavish followers. Not TPOL specifically, of course. We are far too small, too easy to overlook. It is the entire libertarian press and online presence that is condemned.” (05/11/22)