Pittsburgh, Poster Child for Sloppy Housing Policy

Source: Show-Me Institute
by Patrick Ishmael

“In the weeks and months ahead, researchers at the Show-Me Institute will be taking a closer look at housing policies in Missouri, with a particular emphasis on the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program. Readers of this blog are familiar with common objections — LIHTC is expensive, doesn’t live up to its promises, and is mainly a sop to developers — but Institute researchers haven’t spent as much time on the broader subject the LIHTC program supposedly addresses, housing supply and affordability. The question of housing affordability is an enormously important one and deserves more attention, especially during a period of rampant inflation. Some policymakers are starting to deal with the challenge of housing inflation thoughtfully. But some cities, like Pittsburgh, are adopting half-baked (but trendy) policies from elsewhere to solve a problem that, practically speaking, may not exist locally.” (05/11/22)