Oracle Boasted That Its Software Was Used Against US Protesters. Then It Took the Tech to China.

Source: The Intercept
by Mara Hvistendahl

“Oracle claims that Endeca helps police and other agencies make sense of mounds of big data. Like the more well-known government analytics software Palantir Gotham, the software owes its rise to ‘war on terror’ surveillance and to backing from the CIA venture capital firm In-Q-Tel. Oracle acquired Endeca in 2011. At the peak of the NATO protests, police reportedly used Endeca to process 20,000 tweets an hour. … Police could then use the software to zero in on tweets that contained terms like ‘protest.’ They could also sort tweets by sentiment …. After promoting Endeca’s use on NATO protesters, Oracle went on to market the CIA-funded software for police use around the world — including in China, where its deployment would presumably be at odds with CIA interests and where social media users have few civil liberties protections to shield them from police abuses.” (05/25/21)