DE: Regime explores “options” after women’s lacrosse team’s bus is stopped and searched by Georgia police

Source: ESPN News

“There was no initial concern for the members of the Delaware State women’s lacrosse traveling party when the team bus began to slow down less than two hours into the trip home from Florida. There was no alarm when the bus came to a stop just south of Savannah, Georgia, and an officer with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office walked to the front door and told the driver he was pulled over for traveling in the left lane. … Instead of a routine ticket, the stop resulted in the presence of at least four officers, a K-9 dog sniffing through the team’s personal belongings, lacrosse equipment and graduation gifts, and the insinuation that the party might be traveling with drugs. No drugs were found. The midmorning stop on Interstate 95 lasted nearly an hour.” (05/11/22)