Making Room for Social Experimentation Should Be a Priority for the Left

Source: Center for a Stateless Society
by Gary Chartier

“Leftist critics of heavy-handed political responses to the Covid-19 pandemic have rightly noted multiple concerns. School closures risk decades-long damage to the most vulnerable students. Business closures harmed workers and employers even as they enjoyed substantial support from members of the laptop class, on whom they imposed minimal costs. Vaccine mandates have funneled billions into the pockets of well-connected corporations: Pfizer’s annual income, for instance, has jumped from $40 to $100 billion. Decisions about vaccine rollouts and emergency use authorizations for vaccines have been subjected to troubling political pressure. And many restrictive policies have not been supported by randomized trials of interventions and therapies. Unsurprisingly, state action has ensured that the vulnerable have lost out while the well-connected have thrived. And centralizing decision-making has rendered it easy both for politics to take the place of science and for mistakes to be dramatically amplified.” (05/11/22)