VA: Property owners sue over state’s hunting dog law

Source: KTAR News

“Soon after Jim Medeiros bought his 143-acre (58-hectare) cattle and poultry farm in rural Virginia a decade ago, he and his wife were startled by the sounds of 20 hunting dogs barking and howling as they circled their house and chased their chickens. When Medeiros confronted a hunter nearby, the man told him he had permission to hunt on Medeiros’[s] property. In disbelief, Medeiros called the agency that enforces a state law allowing hunters to retrieve their hunting dogs from private property …. ‘He told me, you can’t prohibit people from coming onto your land’ …. After years of putting up with baying dogs and dead chickens, Medeiros and several other property owners are suing the state over its ‘right to retrieve’ law, arguing that allowing hunters to go on their property without permission amounts to an uncompensated taking of their land and violates the state and federal constitutions.” (05/11/22)