Trust Your Neighbor

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“We hear a lot about living in an egalitarian world, but what of one in which you can safely trust your neighbor? Are the two at odds with one another? By definition, a high trust society would require some kind of fleecing mechanism to ensure untrustworthy members could not take advantage of others. A radically egalitarian world, though, would require equal treatment of everyone regardless of the threat they pose to a community. A high-trust society provides its members with less mobility, but in return, it offers safety, relative stability, and trust. An egalitarian society offers its citizens mobility, but in return, it gives away some modicum of safety, stability, and trust. This, of course, is some napkin math style political theorizing, but it should be obvious enough that high-trust and equality as political goals are greatly at odds with one another.” (05/11/22)