Parents are “sleeping giants” who will fix American education

Source: Fox News
by Mike Dunleavy & Dr. Kevin Roberts

“The strangest thing about the debate over parents’ roles and rights in their children’s education is that there is a debate at all. As former teachers ourselves, we know firsthand that nothing is more valuable to a classroom or school (let alone to individual students) than parental involvement. Of course they should have access to instructional materials teachers use in class. Of course parents should decide when and how morally complicated issues are introduced into the classroom, if at all. The idea of public school personnel laying claim to children (independent of and even confidential from their parents) would be laughable if it weren’t so frightening. Good teachers bend over backwards to be transparent with their students’ moms and dads. They want parents to be in the loop, part of a team helping each student develop the skills necessary to succeed.” (05/11/22)