How About Crucifixion? On the Recent Tribulations of Death Penalty Enthusiasts

Source: Common Dreams
by Tom Gallagher

“The nation’s execution community experienced another setback recently when Tennessee’s governor called off an execution with only an hour to go, postponing it and four others until at least until 2023. Once again, an execution had to be halted due to the drug problem has dogged America’s executioners for some time. Like a lot of other unfortunates, they’re just having a helluva time getting their hands on the drugs they need to get the job done, or at least getting their hands on the drugs legally. We might well view this as something of a shot-in-the-arm for the capital punishment movement’s anti-drug faction, were it not for the judicial postponement of an April firing squad date — for a South Carolina prisoner who had chosen that option rather than the electric chair, after that state too experienced a drug problem.” (05/11/22)