House of Representatives Staff Given [sic] the Right to Form a Union

Source: The American Prospect
by Jarod Facundo

“Tonight marked the culmination of a monthslong organizing effort from the Congressional Workers Union (CWU). In a 217-to-202 party-line vote, the House passed Rep. Andy Levin’s (D-MI) resolution allowing nearly 10,000 House staffers to organize under the 1995 Congressional Accountability Act (CAA). In an interview with the Prospect, Levin said, ‘It’s past time to allow our staffers to form their own organizations.’ The resolution implements a provision of the CAA that’s been dormant for congressional staffers since 1996, when lawmakers allowed federal employees to unionize, but not their staffers. Though the Senate is unlikely to pass a similar resolution from Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) because it lacks 60 votes, Levin explained that, in the same way that the House can’t abolish the filibuster, the Senate can’t impede his resolution. So House workers can begin to organize for a contract right away.” (05/11/22)