The Right [sic] Doesn’t Care About Covid Protections Unless It’s to Crack Down on Immigration

Source: In These Times
by Adrian Rennix

“It may seem strange that the notoriously anti-immigrant Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has been using Texas taxpayers’ money to charter buses to shuttle migrants to Washington, D.C., free of charge. This publicity stunt (which has been panned from both Abbott’s right and from his left) was intended as a protest against the Biden administration’s announcement to end the so-called Title 42 order, a provision which allows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to mandate migration restrictions if ‘there is serious danger of the introduction of [a communicable] disease.’ Title 42 gave Border Patrol the authority to rapidly expel people who cross the border (or who try to present themselves at ports of entry) without any of the legal processes these migrants would normally be entitled to – such as the ability to request refugee protection, a right supposedly guaranteed under international and domestic law.” (05/11/22)