The Government-Indoctrination Wars

Source: National Review
by Kevin D Williamson

“An illuminating juxtaposition in the virtual pages of the New York Times: In one essay, four coauthors (including my friends David French and Kmele Foster) assert the ‘danger of anti-Critical Race Theory laws,’ while in the article immediately below it, Scott Borchert demands a ‘New Deal for writers in America’ in the form of new federal financial support, particularly for writers who lost income because of the Covid-19 epidemic. Each of these speaks to different aspects of the proverb: He who pays the fiddler calls the tune. With apologies to French, Foster, et al., there is another relevant proverb here: the one about the horse and the barn doors. The authors concede what every clear-eyed observer already knows about our schools: ‘At their worst, they resemble indoctrination factories.’ This situation is neither new nor limited to union-dominated public-school systems in big, Democrat-run cities …” (07/07/21)