The left [sic] is counting on an abortion backlash that may never come

Source: Washington Post
by Megan McArdle

“Democrats have long assumed that if Republicans ever managed to overturn Roe v. Wade, they would come to regret it. This was not an unwarranted assumption. Poll after poll shows that strong majorities of Americans think abortion should be legal in at least some circumstances and want Roe v. Wade to be left intact. … Yet here we are, and things don’t actually look so bad for Republicans. A draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe leaked last week, but a poll taken by CNN after the news broke showed the GOP running seven points ahead of Democrats on the generic ballot, which measures which party voters want to control Congress.” [editor’s note: Aside from “generic ballot” polling being notoriously non-predictive, the big question is how this issue drives enthusiasm/turnout. It’s about changing minds. It’s about getting asses off couches and to polling places – TLK] (05/11/22)