Tom Cotton, Fanatical Militarist

by Daniel Larison

“Sen. Tom Cotton tried to define what he calls a ‘conservative foreign policy’ in a speech at the National Review Institute earlier this week, and in doing so he demonstrated just how devoid of wisdom and prudence Republican hawks are. ‘Foreign policy is emphatically not the province of doctrines,’ Cotton declared, but it would be difficult to find a more doctrinaire and inflexible ideologue than Cotton himself. In much the same way that Mike Pompeo tried to hijack the concepts of realism and restraint to promote the reckless and bombastic foreign policy that he implemented under Trump, Cotton pretends that his hardline obsessions have something to do with prudence. Throughout the speech he dwells on the idea that the government should seek to ‘preserve the blessings of liberty,’ but there has been nothing more harmful to the liberties of Americans than the permanent warfare state that Cotton extols and defends.” (05/11/22)