The Democrats’ Midterm Identity Crisis

Source: The Atlantic
by Ronald Brownstein

“It’s not unusual for presidents and their political strategists to find that events confound their initial theory of how to expand and solidify their coalition. Bill Clinton wanted to win back working-class white people and independents with his ‘third way’ centrism, but he ultimately revived his presidency by staring down the Newt Gingrich–era Republican Congress …. George W. Bush initially hoped to woo moderate voters and Hispanics as a ‘compassionate conservative’ before becoming a wartime leader …. Barack Obama aspired to be a unifying figure of generational change and racial reconciliation, but he found himself struggling to lead the nation out of its worst economic downturn since the Depression …. The challenge for Biden is that he is still searching for the course correction that will enable him to recover — with six months to go until the midterm elections and at a time when his approval rating is stuck at about 40 percent.” (05/11/22)