Russia: “Toad poison” hangover treatment reportedly kills Russian oil executive

Source: CBS News

“A former top boss of one of Russia’s biggest state-owned oil companies died after receiving a dubious treatment from a ‘shaman’ over the weekend, Russian media say. Lukoil board member Alexander Subbotin, who no longer held a management role at the firm, was found dead in Mytishchi, a town just outside Moscow, in a house owned by a local healer or medicine man known as Magua, according to state news agency TASS. Online news outlet Mash said Magua and his wife were offering high-paying clients various unorthodox treatments, including a procedure involving poisonous toads. … According to the news agency, the Ministry of Internal Affairs launched a criminal case that will include testing Subbotin’s blood for drugs of any kind.” (05/10/22)