The Permanent Emergency

Source: The American Conservative
by Pavlos Papadopoulos

“The airport in Riverton, Wyoming, (population, just north of 10,000; elevation, just south of 5,000) is modest. Knock down the interior walls and you might fit a middle school gym in the space. The airport houses two monuments. The first, contained in the lobby outside the security cordon, is a tribute to Wyoming culture and achievements of local sportsmen. … Once you pass through security — a process that somehow seems more absurd than usual, given the diminutive size of the operation, with three or four TSA officers squeezed into a 20-foot span of space — there is a second monument, of sorts, taped to the wall of the waiting area. Sixteen 8 1/2-by-11 laminated print-offs, arranged in two clusters, detail the stages by which airport security regulations have grown from the formation of the FAA in 1958 to the present.” (07/07/21)