Yes Virginia, guns are for defense against tyranny. And they’ll be more effective than you think.

Source: Flawed Jewel
by Scott Halleck

“Libertarians have long argued that the purpose of the second amendment, and the right to keep and bear arms is not the national guard, it is hunting, it is not defense against private criminals, and it’s not even keeping the King of England out of your face, as The Simpsons once put it — it’s keeping the king of Washington out of your face. In short, it’s about defense against tyranny. It is the right of rebellion made manifest, and it is the last check and balance in defense of liberty. … whenever this argument is posited, inevitably someone thinking themselves clever says something to the effect of ‘what about nukes and drones?’ or ‘yeah sure, Bubba and his 50 extra pounds and CPD, and his single shot AR are gonna do great against the entire US military’ …. that whole argument is garbage for a multitude of reasons.” (05/10/22)