We Can Win

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“There is a reason why totalitarian dictatorships shut down organizations like The Future of Freedom Foundation. They understand the dangers of truth and sound ideas on liberty. They understand that truth and sound ideas on liberty can sweep across a nation and quickly inflame the hearts and minds of individuals, to such a point that even the most omnipotent of governments can be brought down. … Contrary to what my reform-oriented critics have said, I have never claimed that the 19th century was a libertarian panacea. I fully understand that there were some bad things that happened in the 19th century, such as slavery, the Civil War, and violation of women’s rights. Why then do I focus people’s attention on the 19th century? Because that century shows that it is possible to achieve many of the uncompromising principles that FFF has enunciated for 32 years.” (05/10/22)