Senate Candidates, Look to Pittsburgh

Source: Cato Institute
by Daniel Griswold

“Republican candidates for the Senate tend to dwell on the supposed threats from foreign competition. They don’t say enough about the real opportunities being created for workers, companies, and families in the Keystone State. Pittsburgh’s transformation from a gritty ‘Steel City’ to a center of technology, medicine, and higher education shows the path forward. Today the city is known less for steel and more for the ‘eds and meds’ of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh medical system. It has also become a hub of high‐​tech research on robotics and self‐​driving cars. Candidates aspiring to represent the state in Congress should be talking about how to build on that success, not how to restore a mythical past through tariffs on steel imported from allies and neighbors. Tariffs are hurting important Pennsylvania industries such as gas and oil production.” (05/10/22)