The left [sic] has “literally flipped” over abortion

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“It seems like an ironic thing to do on a Mother’s Day weekend — cheer for abortions, which is what happened. A motherlode of manic hysterics showed up outside the homes of US Supreme Court justices on Saturday to protest the court’s expected repeal of Roe v Wade. Reminds me of an old joke. How do you get a bitter left-winger off your porch? You pay for the pizza. So, here’s MSNBC’s next Democrat cleaner upper who moonlights as press secretary, rattling off some answer as she pretends to still give a crap about her current job. … … Psaki has since tried to clean up her mess, tweeting that she disapproves of violence but she didn’t disavow home visits. … America indeed has talent, and it looks like an audition for the open chair on ‘The View’. Oh, they don’t need a straightjacket. They can borrow one from Sunny.” (05/10/22)