Criminal Justice Reform: Not Failing, Just Unfinished [sic]

Source: Common Dreams
by Shane Murphy Goldsmith

“Two years ago, mass protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police galvanized Americans to confront the disparate impact that a broken system of policing, arrest and incarceration had on Black and Brown communities. For the first time in a generation, nearly all Americans favored change to the criminal justice system. Today, it looks like the pendulum has swung away from reform. Police budgets have mostly grown (even in Biden’s federal budget) but conservatives blame ‘defunding’ and reform prosecutors for rises in crime. Has the reform movement failed? On the contrary: it’s hardly even been tried. Local governments have yet to make the necessary investments in alternatives to incarceration that can create a lasting link between renewed justice and safety and reform measures. Meanwhile, anti-reform voices have defined reform as a terrifying absence of action.” (05/10/22)