Liberalism Isn’t Dead — but It’s Very Sick

Source: Foreign Policy
by James Traub

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has played out like a terribly grim, but so far at least, profoundly ennobling laboratory experiment in the relative virtues of autocracy and liberal democracy. Yet evidence that a (more or less) liberal democracy can defeat or withstand an autocracy even in war — the one sphere that so obviously favors the latter — hasn’t, and probably won’t, meaningfully diminish the forces that have undermined liberalism in the West and around the world. Indeed, the sharp division between Western democracies that regard the invasion as an intolerable violation of moral principle and non-Western and barely liberal ones like India and South Africa that have treated it as geopolitics as usual only reinforces the idea that liberal democracy occupies a diminishing space in the world.” (05/10/22)