Russia is far from defeated

Source: spiked
by James Woudhuysen

“Too many among Britain’s political and media class are in danger of taking Russia’s defeat for granted. UK defence secretary Ben Wallace said this week that the Kremlin’s operational capability in Ukraine ‘falters further every day.’ Even Michael Clarke, a sober military expert, has insisted that Putin now faces ‘only different kinds of defeat.’ This may well be true. But there is a risk of complacency about what lies ahead. We should not underestimate just how low the Kremlin could go. The Russian elite — with its penchant for meat-grinder militarism — might deem a protracted, bloody war of attrition and occupation perfectly worthwhile if it can restore Russia’s prestige abroad and shore up Putin’s regime at home. The Kremlin may be deluded, but in times of war rationality doesn’t always have the upper hand.” (05/10/22)