Reclaiming the 13 Colonies: A Daunting Task for Boris Johnson

Source: Common Dreams
by Christopher Brauchli

“If these were normal times there would be no need for those of us who live across the ocean from the country that is now governed by Boris Johnson to be apprehensive. His problems are uniquely his own and in ordinary times would not give us even a moment’s pause. These are not, all would agree, ordinary times. As far as Boris is concerned his problems are of his own making and may, if not properly addressed, threaten his ability to retain his premiership. And some in the United States are concerned that his attempts may place the United States in peril. It has all come about because of Boris’[s] fondness for a good time and his willingness to attend a Downing Street Garden party during the pandemic when such gatherings were forbidden.” (05/09/22)