Heads I Win, Tails You Lose for Global Elites

Source: The American Prospect
by Lee Harris

“This year’s Milken Institute Global Conference was as upbeat as it was balmy. If Davos has a deranged energy, last week’s investor conference in Beverly Hills, thrown annually by former junk bond king and convicted felon Mike Milken, is its more relaxed counterpart. There is shiatsu massage in the Wellness Garden. The croissants are vegan, the chocolate is ‘Hu.’ And whereas other Wall Street confabs have drawn critical press in recent years, making attendees cagier, the cream of high finance can still speak freely when it gathers in Lotusland. Yet much of what spilled out within the Beverly Hilton complex was blithe optimism. Most panelists agreed that a recession is on the horizon, but insisted that the downturn poses as much profit opportunity as downside.” (05/09/22)