The New Labor Movement Is Young, Worker-Led and Winning

Source: In These Times
by Katie Barrows & Ethan Miller

“This year, May Day was celebrated during a historic moment for the American labor movement. Nearly every day, news reports announce another example of workers exercising their rights as nonprofit professionals, Starbucks workers, and employees at corporations like Amazon, REI and Conde Nast announce their union drives. The approval rating for labor unions has reached its highest point in over 50 years, standing at 68 percent, and petitions for new union elections at the National Labor Relations Board increased 57 percent during the first half of fiscal year 2021. Three years ago, we wrote an op-ed about how young workers in historically unorganized occupations (such as digital journalism, higher education and nonprofit organizations) were beginning to rebuild the labor movement. Today, Covid-19 has changed the way that we relate to work and created new sources of economic anxiety, while exacerbating old ones.” (05/09/22)