Looking for COVID-19 “Miracle Drugs?” We Already Have Them. They’re Called Vaccines

Source: Quillette
by Claire Berlinski & Yuri Deigin

“[L]et us say, for argument’s sake, that taking ivermectin at the required dosage were safe and practical. And let’s also imagine that it may be effective at preventing and treating COVID-19. Should those of us lucky enough to live in countries with access to mRNA-based vaccines take ivermectin instead? No: That would be bonkers. The evidence that mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines are safe, and that they work, is about as solid as medical evidence gets. Sure, no one can prove that in 10 years’ time, you won’t suffer ill effects. But nor is there any reason to fear this. … How does the evidence for the prophylactic efficacy of ivermectin stack up against the vaccines? It’s not even close.” (07/06/21)