Democrats Have Themselves To Blame For The Fall Of Roe

Source: The American Conservative
by Peter Van Buren

“The loss of Roe could be part of a death spiral for the Democrats. Protecting Roe has been a central Democratic goal for decades. If they fail to do so, especially under a Democratic president and with a Democratic House, the base won’t take it easily. The Court’s decision may have as much effect on the midterm elections, and possibly 2024, as any other factor. A lot of Democratic support from educated women is tied to abortion rights. As the party loses many working class voters and Hispanics, they cannot afford to jettison many more voting blocs. And somebody is going to be blamed. The Democrats will likely try to blame the electorate, arguing that it’s the dumb rednecks fault for electing Trump …. Scolding and mocking voters was a signature of Hillary’s campaign, and look where that got her.” (05/09/22)